Classic Movie Review -Dinner At the Ritz

Starring Annabella and David Niven. I bought this 1937 film in conjunction with "No, No Nanette" back in 2006 at a dollar store. For a dollar. I got another two-movie deal, but they were terrible. But Dinner At the Ritz is a little gem. It's not without its flaws, but there's nothing about it that irks me.

This is a murder mystery/romance/comedy and it's rather light (and short). Annabella plays a young woman whose father is murdered during a party at their swank home. Only the police rule it as a suicide. Her father's name is also sullied after his bank crashes and he is assumed to have swindled the people of their money. His daughter sets out to find his killer and clear his name by finding the six men responsible for ripping off the bank, one of whom killed her father. She has the help of a Detective who actually believes her, and a man who is in love with her (David Niven). Too bad she suspects that he may be the culprit, and he doesn't know who she is because she's in disguise. Oh, young love!

It's a fun watch, and I'm a fan of David Niven, who is terribly charming, I must say.

My grade -B+