Donald Trump Needs To Go Away

Give me a break. We already have Sarah Palin and countless other loons and famewhores in politics or just entering into politics. Or trying to. And the Trump is such a typical example of a nasty Republican, don't you think? Rich, ugly, adulterous, fugly hair, wants to sleep with his daughter, occasionally exchanges wives, etc. I've never like Donald Trump to begin with, but he's taking it to another level. I don't mean to insult all Republicans, but a select group of them. I know they're not all like this.

But this is terrible. And he says the dumbest things.

Speaking of which, how racist can you get? If Obama was a white guy, they wouldn't be making as big a deal out of whether or not he was born on American soil. Then there's the fact that his mother was American, so even if he wasn't born in the States, he's still American. Then you have to remember that this is an old issue from 2008 that Hilary brought up in her campaign. Way past time to stop talking about it.

Donald Trump, you need to go away. Now.

I wish it were that easy to make people like him disappear.