"Good" Movies That I Hate

Ever see a classic movie that is supposed to be one of the best movies ever? Or how about one of those Oscar nominees that you have to see? Or maybe just a critically acclaimed film that "won over critics and audiences alike" and generally wowed people with its awesomeness? Or maybe it just wowed someone you know and they insist you watch it.

So they're amazing, great, and you have to watch it because, duh, they're amazing and great.

And then you watch it.

Your eyes glaze over.

You yawn.

You groan in boredom.

You roll your eyes.

You're disgusted.

And you hate it.

This has happened to me quite a few times. It's so disappointing, and I have only recently gotten over the guilt I acquire for not finishing a movie. But if it doesn't entertain me and basically makes me want to cry with boredom, then I'm wasting my time. And raising my blood pressure. Grr.

Here are some that I hated.

*Manhattan (now I like some Woody Allen films. This one baffled me. It wasn't thought-provoking or funny or even entertaining.)

*Badlands (Martin Sheen and Sissy Spacek as hicks who go around and kill people. Well, he does. She just sits there emotionless.)

*Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (to be fair, this wasn't supposed to be a great film that everyone loves, but I thought it would be better and that I'd like it, but it wasn't and I didn't.)

*Slacker (No. Just no. I was both uncomfortable and bored. Bad combination. I don't care that this was different and perhaps experimental. I couldn't even watch the last part I was so fed up with it.)

*The American (Okay, this didn't get the best reviews from what I remember, but I still hated it and therefore it's on this list.)

*Synecdoche New York (It didn't take long for this to stop making sense, at which point I got lost. I hoped it would redeem itself and make some ounce of sense by the end, but it didn't. Plus, I was annoyed and bored.)

*Bullets Over Broadway (couldn't finish it.)