Movie To See -Insidious

Oh, I love this one. I'm not a huge horror fan, but if they're well done and genuinely creepy, then I'm game. This one was scary.

Insidious is a ghost story. And the ghosts are not nice. It starts off with the lovely family of five moving into a creepy old house. Or maybe it just looks old. I'm not sure why they moved, but I have a feeling things were a bit off at the other house, too. The family consists of Renai and Josh Lambert, their two young sons, and a baby daughter. Josh is a school teacher, and Renai is taking time off to work on composing music, as well as taking care of her children. She does most of the work, as we soon find out, while Josh avoids dealing with problems. Which is too bad, since scary shit starts happening pretty fast. It sucks to be a mother of three and have a husband who isn't always there for you. Especially when you start hearing and seeing things.

Immediately, you know that something is wrong in this house. Soon, so does Renai. Everything really starts to go downhill when their son, Dalton, falls into an inexplicable coma. There's no logical reason for it, so all they can do is wait. Months go by, and things just keep getting worse. Renai hears a voice over the baby monitor, she sees a face, and damn watching this is creepy! This movie not only managed to engage me, but also make me worry about the characters. It's not just about telling a ghost story, it's about a family, as well.

I recommend this one if you like scary movies. It's not gory, which is good since I don't care for lots of blood and guts. It chooses serious scares over gore.

The grand finale will definitely leave you with chills. You may also get a kick out of hearing "Tiptoe Through the Tulips" by Tiny Tim like I did. Those scenes were perfect. Putting that song into this film was genius. And FYI, there's an extra scene at the end of the credits that I missed, so you may want to stick around for that.

My grade -A