Web Fights

One of the most ridiculous things I have ever done is get into arguments with people online. People I've never met. They're typically about something unimportant or shallow. I think a lot of folks have been there. Maybe it's a tiff over your favorite actor, and one of you is defending them like your life depends on it, and the other is saying, "Nah, they suck." Or it could be about politics. I hate getting into political arguments, or any argument, for that matter, even if I know I'm right. It makes my blood boil and I generally feel bad and unsettled. I'm not a happy arguer. Some people love it. I don't, but sometimes I can't help but put my two cents in and get my opinion out there. Because while I don't enjoy being argumentative, I am opinionated when it comes to a lot of things. So I figure I want someone to hear me.

Which is when the sharks come in. Funny how often the sharks are thirteen-year-old schoolgirls who don't know how to spell...