What To See???

It's a problem when it's time to go to the movies and there's nothing that strikes your fancy. I like to choose something that I have some faith and interest in, seeing as I'm not exactly bathing in money (hello, empty wallet!). As of now, the most appealing movie is Scream 4 (because it sounds like fun and it's horror), and Hobo With a Shotgun (because it has an awesome title). Unfortunately, Hobo With a Shotgun probably won't be playing at my theatre when it comes out on May 6th. The limited release films (if that's what it is, not sure yet) don't make it to these parts unless you're in the city. But I think that will either be an enjoyably crazy camp-classic, or it'll be ghastly and eye-gouging-worthy.

Then there's Tyler Perry's new movie. I have never seen one of his films. I find this odd. I like goofy movies, but I admit that I know almost nil about these except that he dresses up as a woman named...Madea?

Water For Elephants is another one, but I suffer from a lack of interest in it, mostly due to the fact that the book failed to float my boat.

Of course there's always Rio, the box office champ. I'm not generally in a kid's movie mood, however.

Oh, I'll let my father decide. He's so nonobjective and willing to see anything that I should just let him choose.