Movie Review: Rosemary's Baby

It took me a long time to get to this, but I finally watched it. This isn't the first movie I've seen featuring satanists and creepy conspiring old people. I gotta say, I liked it, although this isn't one that I'll watch often, or maybe ever again. It also ran a little long at over two hours.

The painful part about watching this was how obvious the characters are in their intentions. In fact it could be downright infuriating. As a viewer, I know that the neighbors are rather evil and that they put a great deal of time and effort into controlling Rosemary. It's also a glaring fact that there is a big plot that has yet to be revealed, but according to the movie description I was supposed to "wonder" if it was real or just in Rosemary's imagination. Hmm.

I also know that I could just murder her husband, who is obviously a part of the plot (what a great guy!). And Rosemary comes off as both naive and aware, letting them tell her what to do, which doctor to see, and at the same time knowing that there is something wrong with these people. As sweet as they attempt to act, she can't help but be perturbed every time they knock on the door or nose about her business. That made me happy. I was expecting her to be a complete doormat who falls for every lie and doesn't question anything. Of course she's still in need of some more backbone and she needs to pay attention to her instincts more, but she proves to be slightly more capable then I thought she would.

Honestly, I wasn't expecting a grand finale, and I didn't get one. The more memorable horror films have a tendency to end on a quiet, thought-provoking note that may or may not leave you hanging.

I was surprised to find that Ruth Gordon and Charles Grodin are in this. I remember Ruth Gordon fondly from Harold and Maude, and she seems to play both characters similarly, despite how different they are. And Charles Grodin...yeah, I won't lie, I always think of Beethoven (the dog) when I see him, and that muppet caper movie. Oh, childhood memories.

So, it's a damned creepy movie, and definitely a horror classic, which I already knew, but might as well say it anyway.

My grade: B+