Quick Book Reviews -Wake Series By Lisa McMann

Wake is the first in the series, and probably the best. I love the premise. It's about a teenaged girl who has the terrible gift/curse of getting sucked into other people's dreams, whether she wants to or not. The poor girl is forced to see crap that she doesn't care to see, and it makes being around people kind of...difficult.

The writing is sparse and makes for a fast read. It's not exactly great literature, and the writing, although interesting and fairly good, isn't complicated. So, this was an easy, fun read. My grade- A

Next is Fade, the sequel. This one gets into some scandal. One of the teachers at Janie's school is a sex predator, but which one? Janie has the fun job of finding out! Yeah, her boyfriend doesn't like that. It is tense, but it's not really surprising. The climax could have been written better, but for the most part it was good. It's not a meaty story, though. Well, none of them are, actually.  My grade- B+

The third and last in the series is Gone. It's not only the last book, it's also the worst. Isn't it terrible when a series ends on a low note? This one is so depressing and uneventful that I wondered why the publisher didn't demand that Lisa McMann get her act together. It's basically about Janie's bleak family and her even bleaker future. Oh happy times. Zero thrills + boring premise = please throw this away and do a complete rewrite. My grade- C-