Random Movie Review- The Squid and The Whale

This is one of those movies that I was sure was going to be as dull as fried hair and I'd be anxiously waiting for it to be over. Well, it wasn't that bad. It wasn't bad, period, but it does possess that unfortunate quality that so many movies have: I never want to watch it again.

Jesse Eisenberg's character is so unlikable and assy that I was hoping he'd get hit by a truck at some point. He and his little brother each side with a different parent after their mother decides to end the marriage, and sadly Jesse's character (yes, I forgot his name) prefers his even assier father to his mom and even molds himself after the bastard. While his mother (Laura Linney) is certainly no saint (hello countless number of affairs!) it's surprisingly easy to sympathize with her and not fault her for being such a ho. Which is odd, because I'm usually not siding with the cheater, but her hubby seems like an impossible man to be with.

I spent most of the movie hating Jesse Eisenberg's unlikable character, and it took some time, but eventually he righted himself and "saw the light" as it were.

The kid brother is a hoot, using the foulest language and literally spreading his semen around school with the utmost fascination. And when he's not doing that he's drinking and being mischievous in any way he can.

Yup, this is one troubled family. They're all screwed up and doing the wrong things.

This is a good enough movie to watch once, and I wasn't bored. The acting is also worth noting. Sometimes it's hard to grade movies like this, because while they're technically good and quality, they're not top-notch entertainment. It's the type if film the critics rave about, but most people won't.

Not perfect, but good enough. My grade: B