Sad Fact

On my profile on Rotten Tomatoes, they ask who your celebrity crush is. It's optional, of course. I would love to answer it. It sounds simple, too.

But I couldn't think of one celebrity. That is so sad. The only people I can think of are older dudes with graying hair, and those aren't even crushes. They're "You're one of my favorite actors" or "I wish you were my dad". And really, it would be rather creepy to be crushing on Jeremy Irons or Edward Petherbridge.

I mean what are the options? There are the go-to guys, like Brad Pitt and George Clooney. Then there are the popular guys of the moment, such as Robert Pattinson andZac Efron, meh. And Bradley Cooper suddenly became popular awhile back. I remember him from Alias. Never really liked him, and I always thought he resembled a turtle.

*Sigh* Fine, fine, I'll go with Benedict Cumberbatch, but only because he makes an awesome Sherlock. Speaking of which, when are we Americans getting new episodes?

That's a whole different topic.