TV Review -You're Beautiful

I love foreign television. I've gotten a thing for k-dramas recently. Okay, so I've only seen two, but I'm only willing to fork out so much cash.

One that I fell in love with a couple of months ago is You're Beautiful, alternately known as He's Beautiful and I think one other title. I thought the premise was promising: A girl dresses up as her twin brother and pretends to be him so he doesn't lose his spot in Korea's most popular boy-band. Then the three band members start falling for him/her. Of course it's obvious to us she's a girl, and she doesn't fool everyone for long. But it does make for an interesting love quadrangle. The fact that she was about to officially become a nun only makes it better.

My only real problem is the sheer stupidity of our heroine. It is quite astounding at times. She's lacking common sense most of the time, as well as a spine. She improves a little bit, but really she's a pushover. I prefer more kick-ass protagonists, but I've found that this isn't unusual in k-dramas. Not in the two I've seen, anyway.

So that's the con, but the pros are many:

-It's funny


-Mostly likable guys. The lead is a prick, but it's hard not to love him at times. Bastard.

-Romance, as goofy as the whole thing is.

-Showmance. Someone is blackmailed into fake-dating a famous actress. It's intriguing, especially considering how Hollywood it is. Seriously, when you look around at actors and actresses, there really are a lot of examples of showmances or possible showmances.

These shows probably aren't for everyone, but shucks, I like it. You can watch episodes of it for free on Dramafever. You can pretty much watch whole series on there for free (because of the ads. Grr.). So if you want to check it out...