Movie Review: Bridesmaids

It was effing hot today, which means: good day to go to the movies!

Bridesmaids has a good cast. Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Rose Byrne, Jon Hamm, etc. It promised to be raunchy and crude; The Hangover for women. I've never seen The Hangover, but I'm assuming it's funny. And Bridesmaids turned out to be raunchy, crude, and funny. There were plenty of laugh-out-loud scenes. Beware of trying on bridesmaid dresses. That's all I will say.

Melissa McCarthy (Gilmore Girls) is the funniest actress in here. She definitely threw herself into this role, and it paid off. There wasn't anyone I didn't like. I did notice how they ignored the two lesser bridesmaids after a certain point. That was disappointing. They all worked so well together!

I also liked Kristen Wiig. I wasn't sure about her. She's made me laugh on SNL, and I know she has comedy chops, but I was worried that she'd be the same in this as in everything else I've seen her in. But she pulled it off. I wasn't crazy about her character, however. It's one of those cliche flaws you find in almost every romcom: the heroine is annoying, self-centered, and routinely shoots herself in the foot, all in the name of comedy. I mean it is funny, but I wish she hadn't been quite so stupid. She kept making mistake after mistake and pitying herself all the while. Even when she actually finds a decent guy who cares about her, she has to screw it up (they always do).

Speaking of the love interest, I really liked him! Rhodes (Chris O'Dowd) is Annie's cop friend. I would have expected a more famous actor to play that role, but it's refreshing that they picked someone who isn't typically handsome or famous. And he's Irish, so that automatically earns this one points.

My grade: B+