Short Movie Review: Tangled

This is a fun movie. I think the horse is my favorite character. He has so much personality! The animation is good, and Rapunzel is spunky, which I love in a heroine. And the way she uses her hair as a weapon is cool. The only thing I honestly don't like about these animated children's movies are the mushy musical scenes. You know what I mean. They break out into a love song and stare into each other's eyes and gush about how in love they are and how surprising it is, yada, yada, yada. One of the sing-song scenes is funny, though, but the mushy one made me roll my eyes.

Aside from the gooey songs, it was entertaining and amusing.

My grade: B+

Oh, and *SPOILER*: At the end of the movie, didn't she resemble Alice Cullen? Did anyone else think so too?