Short Movie Reviews

I've been watching a lot of movies lately (thank you local library!), and I thought instead of doing a bunch of regular reviews, I'd just give an overview for some of them. It's easier that way!

Last Chance Harvey: I like Emma Thompson and Dustin Hoffman, but from start to finish this film had a great big cloud over it, and despite good actors, the story didn't have much to offer. Not a complete dud, but not nearly good enough. My grade: C+

Harvey: Now here is a Harvey I like! A quirky classic featuring James Stewart and an invisible pooka/rabbit, Harvey. Funny and charming with interesting and entertaining characters. My grade: A

Run Fatboy Run: Oh, Simon Pegg, you can make me laugh! Not a great comedy. It's not all that original, but it does cause a few laughs and it didn't make me feel as if I'd wasted my time watching it. Entertaining. My grade: B

Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning: Seers! Sexism! Werewolves! I got this thinking that it would majorly suck. As it happened, it didn't. The acting isn't top-notch, and at times there is a lack of authenticity to them, but it had an interesting story and characters. I also ended up liking the heroines more than I originally thought I would. It's also good to note that I haven't the seen the other two movies that go along with this prequel. Good, cheap entertainment, even though the quality isn't the best. My grade: B

Kinky Boots: A nice little British movie. The drag queen, Lola, is the best part of it. It sometimes lags under cliches, but it's an average winner. My grade: B

Stepbrothers: I like John C. Reilly and Will Farrell, but this wasn't as good as I had hoped. It has its funny moments, but overall is doesn't succeed. Plus, two grown men acting like children is creepy. My grade: B-