Web Fights 2!

Yes, I have been at it again. But I am completely innocent, I swear!


Or not.

Alright, sometimes I have trouble holding my tongue, or my fingers, I should say, especially when it has to do with something I feel moderately to strongly about. You see, there was this homophobic Republican who is, well, homophobic. Now, I didn't go on a rant, and neither did he, but his little comment still ticked me off, so I said something. He basically replied that he didn't care about my opinion. Well, okay. Although that isn't really true, because a few days later he made a small fuss over my diss of Bristol Palin, as did an insane woman who I imagine has extremely frizzy hair and wild bulging eyes and puts poison in her guests' tea. But that was just my first impression. Who knows? Maybe she isn't as hateful as she sounded. Maybe the balding homophobe is the nicest man in the world (as if).

Here is my thing: I respect that everyone has their own opinions and has the freedom to express them; that is a beautiful human right...but that doesn't mean everyone has to like it or agree with it, and that doesn't mean they are right. Is hating homosexuals right? Black people? Women? I think not!

It can be hard to conduct a verbal war with someone who is irrational and prejudice and whom I deem to be ignorant and hateful. But I realize that they are so opposite to me that they think I am irrational, prejudice, ignorant, and hateful. They believe that liberals are evil and stupid, and they believe that Sarah and Bristol Palin are The Shit; good role models, misunderstood, smart. I don't want to contemplate how they arrived at those conclusions, but they did, so good for them (???). I sometimes worry about feeling offended, hurt, or wrong in what I said when someone makes a nasty reply back, but I didn't feel any of that with these people. I was actually under the impression that I was adequate at arguing with strangers and that they were so deluded and wrong that I won without question (I totally did, btw). While they accuse liberals of hating the Palins and all conservatives, it is obvious that they are what they accuse me and everyone else of being. They seem to hate all liberals and think they are low-lives. But I don't view all Republicans that way. Hypocritical much?    

One of the things that I tend to assume everyone has is bias. We're all a tad biased, right? I know I can be, but I am open-minded. Take Bristol Palin. I didn't immediately think badly of her simply because I thought her mother was a joke and a greedy famewhore. I don't know what I thought of her. I suppose, back in 2008, I thought Sarah Palin was toting her family around  in an effort to appear like the all-American woman who every other American woman could relate to. I thought she wanted attention, and I thought she was an egomaniac. I also thought she was an idiot. Do I still think she is all of those things? Hellz yes! Bristol? Not at first. I guess I felt bad for her, being in the spotlight as a pregnant teenager and having the parents that she does. Now, however, I am thinking that the apple doesn't fall far from the...apple tree (hmm). Apparently, voicing this make people mad, and by people I mean homophobes and insane women.

Hey, if you think Bristol Palin is a good role model and a genuine young lady who isn't after money and attention, then...er, too bad for you. If you think that Sarah Palin should be our next President, then...you need to go away right now. I'm serious.

Where was I? Oh yes. Let me get back to our lovely friends. I haven't told you about their astounding maturity yet, have I? Hmm...well, the critical homophobe insulted my looks (despite having no idea what I look like) because only unattractive people "hate" the Palins (I don't hate them, for the record, I just laugh and shake my head), and the insane woman with bad hair called everyone who didn't like Bristol "little biotches" and said my mama must be so proud. She is, actually, my lovely insane woman with bad hair. She is. Anyhow, then they started talking to each other and said that they obviously weren't speaking to an intelligent group of people.

Funny, I thought that was my line.