Movie Review: Daylight

Whenever it's a Sylvester Stallone movie, you know it's going to be good. "Daylight" boasts excellent acting and dialogue and is completely original at every turn. Stallone is one of the best actors out there, behind Steven Segal, that is.


Okay, that was a lie! God forbid I think that Segal and Stallone are two of the best actors the world has to offer.

So here's the plot: a bunch of whiny idiots get trapped in a tunnel after a chemical explosion rocks their world. And Stallone, oh sorry, Kit Latura (make sure they have the perfect heroic name, okay?) saves them. Bad acting, horrid dialogue, annoying characters, predictable, cheesy, cliche, melodramatic, and unintentionally funny. I have to give it marks for being entertaining, though. The disaster sequences were good, and I laughed A LOT, which they probably didn't intend.

Kit is your typical hero with a "haunted" past and who knows exactly what needs to be done to save everyone, but faces opposition. He comes out the perfect hero anyway. He's also modest and gentle and just a swell guy who wants to redeem himself. Aww. He takes on challenge after challenge (anything that could go wrong does go wrong, as they always do), and he always does the right thing. Double aww.

Aside from the Sly, there is also Viggo Mortensen and Amy Brenneman. Viggo does a good job playing an egotistical know-it-all. Amy is just annoying for most of the movie.

It delivers everything you'd expect from a Sly movie. It's pretty much a vanity piece for Stallone.

My grade: C+