Movie Review: Horrible Bosses

Comedic, air-conditioned relief in the midst of scorching heat, now that is a good way to spend an afternoon. I went to see Horrible Bosses the other day, because who doesn't want to have a laugh in the middle of the week? Before it finally reeled onto the screen, everyone was subjected to the perfunctory 10-15 minute previews. The new Footloose looks awful and stupid, by the way, and 30 Minutes Or Less looks funny and I'm going to see it. Give some love to Danny McBride! Woo!

Er, onto the movie. I expected it to be funny and gross, and it was. But it's not perfect. It was a little lacking as a whole. I almost felt that it could have gone further than it did. It could have been funnier, more outrageous. It's still funny, though. It also has a great cast and some famous pop-ups (Donald Sutherland, Jamie Foxx, Julie Bowen, etc.).

The plot has lots of comedic promise. Three best friends have horrible, horrible bosses who make their lives miserable and enjoy doing it. So they play with the idea if knocking them off. There's the nymphomaniac dentist (Jennifer Aniston), who goes way past inappropriate when she sexually harasses her dental assistant. There's the cokehead prick (Colin Farrell) who doesn't care about anyone but himself and views the chemical business he runs as a joke. Then there's the psychotic douchebag (Kevin Spacey) who really is a psycho.

I'll say this about them. Kevin Spacey is awesome and one of the highlights of the film; Colin Farrell is underused; and Jennifer Aniston is a good way. You can tell she had fun with this role.

Horrible Bosses could have been better, but it's still laugh-out-loud funny.

My grade: B+