Movie Review: Strange Circus

I guarantee you that by the end of this review, you will want to see this movie (assuming you already haven't).

This is one of those I-tricked-you movies. First you believe that this is real, then you find out that it isn't, then you realize that it might be. Then you get confused. Then you think you understand. Then you're like, Aha! Then you get just a little confused again. Then the movie ends. But I think I get it. I thought it through, you see, in what I'm hoping was a logical way of thinking. Because I'm a logical genius. Duh.

And while you're busy being confused and second-guessing, you're also horrified and grossed out. Why? I'll tell you why!

It starts off with an already touchy, taboo subject. A young girl is sexually abused by her parents (her father, really) and forced to watch them have sex through a cello case. Her father also rapes her, and her mother becomes so jealous of her that she routinely beats her up and tries to kill her. Then, the mother dies, and the father completely focuses on his daughter. Meanwhile, the daughter basically becomes her mother. She takes on the role of her own mother. That's not weird at all, by the way.

But we are eventually transported to reality, in which the whole start of the movie is in fact only the imaginings of a loony, wheel-chair bound writer/nymphomaniac. She's writing this story, and it may or not be autobiographical. But a young man who works with her publisher is hired to find out the truth about her. And then things get weird again.

It isn't the most pleasant watch. Aside from incest and child rape, you are also given: graphic sex, nudity, self-mutilation,  a little bondage, and amputation. Am I missing something? It's unrated, but may I suggest considering it NC17? Because I do. Just a warning.

So you want to watch it now, right?

What do you mean NO? How could you not want to watch this????

Despite the grotesqueness, it is actually well made. It's rather suspenseful and creepy, but like I said, unpleasant. I don't think I'll be watching this again.

My grade: B