The Situation Up the Road

Let me tell you a story.

There's a man I'll call Bill Blackhater (he's a racist, among other things, so I think it's fitting), who lives in the village across from my house. He's not short on money, so he is in the habit of buying houses and renting them out. He also makes sure that no black people move in. It is, in fact, rare to see anyone who isn't white living there, and he is the major reason why. Seriously, someone needs to take this guy down.

One of the houses he owns is up at the corner not far up from us at the intersection. So being the friendly racist that he is, he sends his wife over to collect the rent. And he charges ridiculous prices, not only for his tenants, but also his workers. I guess he doesn't do all of his dirty work. He gets the wife to do it.

So early this morning there was an accident up at the intersection, which isn't a surprise at all. We don't live on the nicest road. And there were cops blocking off certain roads and detouring people. My mom almost couldn't get back home while walking the dog because some cop told her "you can't go that way!!!". But she did. Then we went out to one of our jobs, and a couple of hours and several radio alerts later we found that it was impossible for us to drive back home. Our street had been completely blocked off, no one allowed in or out. There were more cops and ambulances now. Oh, and it wasn't a car accident, as we had assumed. It was a "situation" with a suicidal man. And not long after, we talked to a man who was patrolling one of the roads we wanted to get through, and he told us that it was, as it happened, a hostage situation.

Since we couldn't get home by car, we decided to drive to a friend's house in the village and park there so that we could walk home. And he told us what we knew. Bill Blackhater's wife was the hostage! At first we thought that it was her husband holding her hostage, but it was actually the tenant. I suppose he snapped and threatened to kill her and himself, but I still don't know all of the details.

So mom and I walked back to our street, intending to sneak across until we thought better of it. Instead we asked a cop if he'd allow us to go home, since it was only three houses up. We were escorted to our driveway so that the cops a few yards away wouldn't, you know, think we were troublemakers or anything. And then we made it home. Phew!

Not long after, it was over. As far as I know, no one was hurt.

But everyone we talked to agreed: if only it had been Bill Blackhater who was taken hostage!

On top of that, my grandfather died this morning, which isn't that sad since he was a total bastard. It has been an interesting day, don't you think?

UPDATE: I am confused right now. After hearing from actual people about the man taking a woman hostage, I am now informed, via local news online, that the incident was in fact a woman who called the police this morning to tell them that she was going to kill herself. And she did. No foul play is suspected, no man with a gun was mentioned. Even on the radio, they first said it was a "suicidal man", and then two people who know the goings on around here told us that a tenant was holding Bill Blackhater's wife hostage. I mean my friend seemed to know without a doubt that this was true, yet I am hearing nothing of this on the news. WTF?!

I guess we were misinformed and a few people got the wrong end of the stick, but I suspect that it was Bill's wife who killed herself. They haven't released her name yet, but they said her age and it fits. So sad.