A Trend in Hollywood

You've probably noticed this as I have. At the moment, filming dark live-action versions of fairytales is a very popular trend. So far we have Red Riding Hood (did anyone like that?), Beastly (did anyone actually see that?), and two upcoming Snow Whites. There was a third in the works, but that might have been scrapped. I think there was something about Sleeping Beauty recently, too, with Emily Browning, but I'm not sure if that was actually based off of the story. I'm probably missing another adaptation, but oh well.

Anyway, I shouldn't have been surprised to hear that Emma Watson was cast (unless that's just a rumor) in Beauty and the Beast. In fact, I shouldn't have been surprised to read that they're doing Beauty and the Beast. After Beastly (a failed version of it, apparently), I guess they wanted another go at it. Guillermo Del Toro is directing, so that should be interesting. I'm not sure what I think about Emma Watson yet. I like her enough in Harry Potter. I think she makes a good Hermione (she's had over ten years to perfect it, so she better be good!), but for some reason I'm skeptical of her acting outside of that. I also have trouble imagining her as Belle. I'm interested in how she does in her upcoming films. I hope she proves to be a good actress. I'm thinking there's a chance she's a one-character actress, but as I have yet to see her in anything else, I don't know that. It's just a hunch. Let's hope she proves herself outside of Harry Potter.

Now, when are they gonna do Cinderella?