TV Review: Young Sherlock -The Mystery of the Manor House(1982)

In case you are wondering, there are two Young Sherlocks. Yup, this is the other one. It's not flashy or big-budget, the sets aren't going to blow you away, the actors won't leave you in awe, and well, the whole thing won't leave you in awe. But you know what? I really enjoyed it. It's not spectacular, but it is entertaining and charming. If you compare it too much to say, the Jeremy Brett series, you probably won't be too keen on it.

This mini-series star Guy Henry as a teenaged Sherlock. He come home from school to find that his home is no longer his home, and his parents aren't even in England. They're in France. No, they didn't bother to write and tell him any of this, so he's in a little bind. Luckily -or unluckily- his aunt Rachel takes him in. She lives with her brother and young daughter, Charity (played by a weird looking young woman in her twenties who is older than Guy Henry himself). Sherlock becomes suspicious of the new people who now live in what used to be his home. They do seem shady, especially the snobby Jasper Moran (Christopher Villiers, who I wish was in this more. Yum!). Jasper is, of course, the younger brother of Sebastian Moran, a villain later on in the Sherlock stories.

Missing are Dr. John Watson and Mycroft. Moriarty sort of shows up, but we only hear his creepy little voice. Instead, we have another Dr. John, his wife, and his wife's uncle as supporting characters. I would have loved to see Mycroft, though.

Young Sherlock is an echo of The Great Mouse Detective, the animated, mouse-version of Sherlock Holmes, but it's not a copy, so I'm not bothered. Like I said, it's entertaining.

If you are a Sherlock lover like me, this may be worth a watch.

My grade: B+