TV Review: Zen - Episode Two

It's episode two, "Cabal", and I have to confess that I'm still not totally enamored with Zen. I read about how good this show was before it came on, so I had expectations. High ones! But like I said, it's good, not great. I like Rufus Sewell a lot, and I love Ben Miles (Coupling, The Forsyte Saga).

In "Cabal", we start off with a man jumping off of a bridge at three in the morning. It's a suicide, right? Of course not. Soon we get into conspiracies theories as well as more of Zen's relationship with the married secretary, who wants help finding an apartment so that she can finally get away from her husband. It all runs fairly predictable, in my opinion. The who-dunnit part I didn't expect, but the rest of it I did, and nothing was entirely thrilling or suspenseful enough.

I honestly feel that this could be a better series, but perhaps that's just me. Maybe it's simply that I prefer mysteries like Poirot, Sherlock Holmes, and Midsomer Murders, shows that I feel do it right the majority of the time.

My grade: B