Classic Movie Review: Monkey Business

Ugh. Right, I love Cary Grant, but this movie...just...NO! I know, it's a classic, but damn. It wasn't smart, funny, or interesting. The synopsis made it sound better than it was. A chimpanzee gets loose and completes Dr. Barnaby Fulton's (Cary Grant) youth formula, unbeknown  to everyone. Then he dumps it in the water cooler.

And I want to bring this up because it bothers me a tad: this is not a Marilyn Monroe movie. Yes, she is in it, and yes, she died young therefore making her infamous, but she is not the star of this film and her role is not that important. I'm not criticizing her, I'm just pointing out that it shouldn't be advertised as her movie. Cary Grant and Ginger Rogers are the actual stars.

Honestly, I did not like it. It has an interesting premise that could have been funny and goofy, but I found it more irking and snooze-worthy than anything else. Maybe it's just me.

My grade: C