Movie Review: Bride and Prejudice

I saw this a few years ago shortly after it came out. I decided to re-watch it again since I didn't remember much of it. The only thing I recall is that I wasn't impressed. But I thought it might be better than my memory gave it credit for.

Unfortunately, I still don't like it. I will say this: I don't like song-and-dance movies, which is what Bollywood films are like, therefore the odds were against me on this one. If you like Bollywood films, then you probably will like it more than I do.

As a "Pride and Prejudice" fan, it's hard to resist a remake or a different take on it. But while the storyline is there, the characters are different. Will Darcy is nothing like Fitzwilliam Darcy. He's handsome, but lacks presence and attitude. He seems harmless and nice, only he says stupid things sometimes. Lalita, on the other hand, who is our Elizabeth, is the one with the problem. She comes off as more of a snob than Darcy, and she's kind of in biotch territory. And Aishwarya Rai is gorgeous, but I felt like this movie was more about showing off her looks than anything else. And please, who would think that she is less pretty than Jane?

There isn't much chemistry between the lovers, unless I missed it. I was pretty bored, so who knows. Kitty was missing, as was Mrs. Hurst (Bingley's other sister, who often is MIA in P&P adaptations), and He literally comes out of the ocean and catches Lalita's eye. Wow.

The many singing expeditions bothered me, as did the bad lip-syncing, but remember, I don't like that in most movies, so if you do, than ignore me.

Have I complained enough about this yet? Yes? Okay then.

My grade: C