Movie Review: Captain America -The First Avenger

I never saw the original Captain America, but from what my brother tells me, it wasn't that good. Luckily there's this remake that is both fancier and more expensive.

I'll be frank: I laughed more than I was supposed to. That's not a compliment. "Captain" is riddled with cliches and cheesy dialogue. It runs predictably whether you know the story or not. In the end, I was hoping it would be above average, but it turned out to be mediocre. Not terrible, but lacking. It started out good. I liked seeing "shrunken" Steve (they shrunk Chris Evans' body for the movie, and his buff bod is the real deal...meow) and it was going somewhere, it really was. Then, all of a sudden, it became...less good. Again, not bad; it's an entertaining film, but it doesn't have much to boast about.

The cast is okay. I kind of felt like Chris Evans was nothing extraordinary in the part. He's likable and basically does the role well enough, but there's no great display of acting. There are some notable actors: Tommy Lee Jones, Stanley Tucci, Hugo Weaving (that's right, Mr. Smith and that elf from Lord of the Rings!). I liked Dominic Cooper as Stark, and was I the only one thinking, "Iron Man? Is that your dad?" I'm serious here. Is he supposed to be related to Tony Stark, cause they're both in the business of fancy-pants, hi-tech gear. Come on!

Another weakness I noticed was the sloppy introduction into certain scenes. It just didn't flow from scene to scene sometimes, and parts of it were silly and felt as if they'd been inserted there randomly.

So what do we have? Cliche, predictable, cheesy dialogue, average acting, questionable editing, and hard to take seriously. There are times when I watch a movie and think, "Wow, this is mediocre", and then I leave thinking the same thing. That's what happened with Captain America.

But, really, it was entertaining...even if it's nothing special and I thought it could and should have been a lot better.

My grade: C+