Movie Review: Escape From L.A.

"Snake, call me Snake."

 That is the kind of dialogue that comes out of this terrible movie. Kurt Russell does a whispery gravelly thing with his voice, never projecting or displaying a whole lot in the personality department. I'm assuming that was intentional on the film maker's part. because it sounds too stupid to be an accidentally allowed.  This is one of those times when they were probably like, "That's right, this is funny, now laugh. See? We don't take it seriously. We're excellent dudes from Dudeville." Or something like that.

What a stupid movie. I mean good lord!  I think it's a more-or-less-aware-of-how-stupid-it-is movie, but there are times when it seems to take itself seriously, and other times when it seems to be stupid on purpose.

It's not gripping or funny in a good way (I was laughing at how bad and cliche it was at every turn), and there isn't really anything new about it. The characters are nothing to grab hold of, and the antihero/hero is ridiculous and everything that happens is ridiculous. Thank you, Kurt Russell. There are some otherwise interesting actors here. Peter Fonda, Steve Buscemi, Pam Grier, but none of them display much in the way of talent. Like I said, it's a stupid movie, and it doesn't help give sequels a good name.

The foe is obviously modeled and named after Che Guevara. That's an instance when they want you to laugh, I believe. The other foe is an old-time Christian Fundamentalist tea-bagger who likes killing "sinners", and even orders his traitorous daughter to be killed. He's also the President, but really he's just a dictator.

Anyway. bad movie. It could have been more good-bad, but it was pretty much just bad-bad.


My grade: D