Movie Review: The Maid

Another foreign film that I picked up. Very tense! Raquel has been the maid for a family for 23 years. It's a good family, and Raquel is practically a part of the family. They treat her well. Her life outside of them is non-existent, as far as I can tell. But now the work is getting to be a bit too much, so the mistress decides to hire another maid to help her. Raquel hates that! So what does she do? She runs the new girl out of the house. It doesn't matter that she is nice or does her job. Raquel is a bit insane, irrational, and hard to sympathize with at times. She has some emotional issues, I think. You know where she's coming from, to a point, but that doesn't make what she's doing right. She also seems to have an issue with the eldest child, Camilla, for no reason at all. Camilla tells her mother to open her eyes and see that Raquel hates her, even though she almost raised her. It's never explained why Raquel doesn't like Camilla, as she's a nice girl, but I suppose we can come to our own conclusions. Raquel likes everyone else, though, and they like her. Poor Camilla!

"The Maid" is tense, but also a bit humorous. The first half of the movie or so is almost uncomfortable to watch at times, which makes it very effective. I like the direction it took after a third maid, Lucy, arrives.

So, the casting and acting is spot-on, the story is interesting, even if it is uncomfortable. Nothing terrible happens, though. There is a good amount of nudity involved, some sexuality, and language. It's in Spanish, so you have to read the subtitles, which are small-ish and white (they shouldn't be white!)

My grade: B+