Movie Review: Speak

Ah yes, a TV movie. You never know what you're going to get with them. I read good things about this, and it just happened to be a movie that I randomly picked up at the library. I haven't read the book, so I don't know which is better (usually the book) or how faithful or how accurately cast it is.  It doesn't really matter if I read it first, but I prefer to. Its just a thing of mine.

Basic plot: Melinda Sordino (Kristen Stewart) was traumatized over the summer (by that they mean she was raped), and after losing all of her friends and going back to school, she decides not to talk.

This is a minor complaint, if you can even call it a complaint, but given the title and the description, I was under the impression that Melinda, a selective mute, would actually stop talking. Granted, she doesn't talk a whole lot (there's more over voice), but it's more than I expected. I suppose by "mute", what they really meant is that she chooses to be quiet about her rape, rather than speaking in general. But when I read the description, it gave me the wrong idea. I was interested in what would have happened had she actually stopped speaking altogether, but that didn't happen.

It's not the most original story. The characters are stereotypical, and the story itself is very predictable. Whether you know she was raped beforehand or not, it's obvious. I'm assuming they didn't care to make that a big mystery, though. The ending seemed too set up, although I understand that with the kind of story in which the heroine has been victimized, the audience wants the villain to get a good farewell in the end and for the heroine to be righted, and they want it done in a satisfying manner. It was just very, you know, unrealistic.

There's all around good acting, but the people who stood out to me the most were Michael Angarano, Steve Zahn, and Hallee Hirsh. I've always liked these three, I admit.

It's not great, but it's okay and probably a little above your average TV movie.

By the way, if rape scenes bother you a lot, than you might want to take caution.

My grade: B