Movie Review: Whip It

One of the best assets "Whip It" has is a great cast. Drew Barrymore, who also directed, displays great personality. She has, in the past, annoyed me, but I loved her in this. It was great to see Alia Shawkat and Daniel Stern again, too. Ellen Page never really annoys me, but there is a sameness about her in all of her movies, although that doesn't mean she doesn't have a decent acting range. I liked her in Hard Candy and Juno and some other film that I can't recall. She's quite good and likable, but she's also...Ellen Page-y...

Know what I mean?

"Whip It" is filled with cliches and runs on a few basic formulas, but it's fun and entertaining, which means it's not a dud. There's also some girl power, which is never a bad thing. The roller derby scenes are some of the best, due to the high energy factor and the coming together of the more colorful characters. But like I said, there's a lack of originality when it comes to a good part of the movie.

Juliette Lewis plays a rival skater. I've liked her for the most part in what I've seen her in. She's never been a favorite, but she has presence and attitude when it counts. My mom doesn't like her. She notes that she has a permanant "smarmy" face, and I have to agree with that, even though she doesn't grate on my nerves to any degree. There are certain actors who have a remarkable ability to be unlikable and/or anger-inducing. I feel indifferent about Juliette Lewis most of the time.

Overall: good cast, fun movie, even if it is flawed.

My grade: B