Quick Movie Review: 30 Minutes or Less

My only real problem with this movie is that it is too crude. I know crudeness is mistaken for comedy a lot these days, but when are they going to learn that it often isn't comedy? And when it is, it's only because it's done right. In this case, it's hit and miss.

Okay, now that I've got that out of the way, we can move on. I liked "30 Minutes or Less". I liked the whole cast, I laughed a bit, and I have a sweet spot for Danny McBride and Jesse Eisenberg. Danny McBride does this sort of role so well. So maybe he is typecast, and yes, his range isn't exactly far, but I love the one or two types of roles I've seen him do. If he was a dramatic actor doing serious roles, I might have a problem, but he's Danny McBride, so...

Despite being overly crude, it is actually a pretty funny movie. It probably could have been funnier, and it's not perfect, but it passes the test. I liked the ending, too.

My grade: B