Quick Movie Review: Quinceanera

This is one of the better movies I saw this past week. Set in Echo Park, "Quinceanera" is about a girl, Magdalena, who discovers that she's pregnant just as her fifteenth birthday is approaching. The thing is, she's a virgin. No one believes her, or at least most people don't, including her parents. And it just figures that her dad is a preacher, doesn't it? Now she must forget her fancy coming-of-age celebration (involving a pretty dress and a Hummer limousine), called a Quinceanera. She leaves her family and goes to live with her old uncle and black sheep cousin.

I must say, I love the plot. I wasn't completely sure what the movie would turn out like, but I was not disappointed. The cast is good, as are the characters they portray.

This is in English and Spanish, so there are some subtitles.

This movie probably isn't for everyone, but I liked it. Interesting story and characters.

My grade: B+