TV Review: Zen- Episode Three

This is the best episode of Zen yet! In "Ratking", Zen is asked to help free a man being held for ransom. Naturally, there is a conspiracy or two in the backround, and, as in the previous episodes, Zen is being followed. It gets old. Meanwhile, his girlfriend is getting a divorce and they are having hot sex in her apartment. There's also a new Chief of police who loathes Zen for being a "self-promoter". You can tell that this guy is one of those Christian Fundamentalists who hates everyone and wants to rule the world Nazi-style. Or something like that. He also has a problem with fornication. Not that he's physically incapable of doing some old-fashioned copulation, he's just generally against it...yeah.

The interesting thing about "Ratking" is it keeps almost ending. I can't count how many times there was a grand finale, a climax, and it felt like the end of the show. Then it continued and had another grand finale. Eventually it did end.

Like I said, my favorite episode. I'm still not taken with "Zen". I've seen superior shows, but it's okay. It ended at a good point, leaving it open for next season.

My grade: B+