Movie Review: Big Momma's House 2

You know, before I rewatched the first two, I thought the quality would decrease down the line. The third one is without a doubt the worst, and I thought this one would be in the middle. It is, I guess, but it's actually just about as good as the original. It's funny and silly and entertaining. Good cast, too. Aside from Martin Lawrence, we have Kat Dennings and Emily Procter, and I'm fairly sure that Chloe Moretz is the cute little girl.

Basic plot: Malcolm and his wife, Sherry, are having a baby. He's now doing desk work instead of field work, but he misses it, so he (against everyone's permission) dresses up as Big Momma to infiltrate a family. He bonds with the kiddies along the way and tries to fix the parental problems, as they always do, while hiding his real identity and trying to catch the bad guys.

My grade: B