Movie Review: Big Mommas: Like Father Like Son

Nowhere near as good as the original Big Momma's House. Now even as mediocre as the first sequel. This one is just bad.

First of all, it needed more action. There is a small plot in this movie -Trent witnesses a murder and Malcolm makes him dress up as a girl and goes to live in an all-girl's school, blah, blah- and there are a few bad guys who never manage to be intimidating. But they should have used the 35-year-old American Draco Malfoy more. At least he would have been something mildly entertaining.

I want to say this movie was funny, but it didn't provide many laughs. Ignoring the plot more often than not, we are instead treated (more like tortured) to various music/dance sequences and a bland romance between Trent and a nice but unimpressive girl named Hayley. Rather than being riddled with bullets and action scenes it's riddled with cliches and stupidity. Most of the scenes were perfectly disposable, seeing as they were pointless and did nothing to further the story or entertain my bored eyes,

It was just so....*sobs*...not good!

My grade: D+