Movie Review: Contagion

Germaphobes beware!

I like disaster movies. They tend to be tense and keep your eyes glued to the screen. "Contagion" sounded promising, and it looked promising based on the trailer. I couldn't help but feel a little disappointed by the end, however. It was a bit of an anticlimax for me.

Great cast, though. This movie is riddled with famailiar actors: Kate Winslet, Laurence Fishburne, Matt Damon, Gwyneth Paltrow, Marion Cotillard, Brian Cranston, Jude Law, Jennifer Ehle. Jennifer Ehle, Matt Damon, and Kate Winslet were my three personal favorites.

We start off with Gwyneth Paltrow coughing at the airport. Then she dies. Now, if you don't like Gwyneth Paltrow, you might enjoy this part. You also might enjoy when they saw her brain open. I'm just saying. Personally, I like her. Not a big fan, but not a...non-fan either. If that makes sense. Although I can see why she gets on people's bad sides. Buddha knows there are actors who I can't stand!

Matt Damon is the grieving husband. He is left with his daughter, and although he is immune to the virus, she might not be. I don't know what the actress's name is, but I do know that her acting needed a serious tune-up, at least in her first speaking scene. Advice: even a mediocre/bad actor can appear less shitty as long as they have few to no lines. I mean she wasn't awful, but she wasn't good at first, either.

Another complaint I have is that Marion Cotillard's (she is so perty) storyline got lost, and by the time it reemerged, it was decidedly less interesting. It had started off good, but then not so much.

Kate Winslet is her usual good self. I wish she had been in this more. Oh, and since I already dissed one actress for her acting, I'm going to diss another. The character's name is a blank, as is the actress's, but she's the one who antagonizes Kate Winslet even though Kate Winslet is being lovely and helpful. My point is, that actress is baaaaaaaaadddd.

The rest of the cast is good, luckily. I did want Jude Law's character to die, though. He's a douchebag.

Overall, it's good, but ends up being disappointing. It's tense enough, and it's always disturbing to see how people behave in the face of fear. They're terrified of their own mortality, so they become irrational and downright criminal; they look for someone to blame, because you have to blame someone, or at least that's the mentality. There are always the brave few, though.

My grade: B