Quick Movie Review: Dark Water

OMG, this is so scary!

Or not. It does have its creepy moments, but it isn't all that scary. I still say, watch "Insidious" if you want that. Or "Halloween".

In case you didn't know, this is about a woman, recently separated from her a-hole husband, who goes to live in a crappy apartment with her young daughter and starts getting haunted by...water.

There are three things that I genuinely like about this movie: Jennifer Connelly, the little cutie pie who plays her daughter, and the ending, and I mean that in a good way. It's not an ending everyone will like, but it worked for me.

While it isn't big on terror (unless you like being terrorized by water...dark water), it is atmospheric. It's almost always raining, the sky is rarely clear of clouds and fog, and the apartment building they live in is grimy and falling apart. It's a real downer. The whole movie. And there were some instances that were supposed to be scary but just came out ridiculous.

My grade: C+