Quick Movie Review: They Might Be Giants

Another Sherlock Holmes flick, only without a real Sherlock Holmes. Instead, we have a former judge who believes he is Sherlock Holmes. And he's good at it. His brother is determined to get him committed, which is where Dr. Watson comes in. It's pure luck that her last name is Watson, otherwise Sherlock wouldn't have wanted her help. Yes, Watson is a she.

Sherlock believes that Moriarty is after him, and he's been frantically searching for the clues to determine when and where they will meet, since his enemy is leaving him clues, naturally. It actually does appear that he is correct, or at least close. And there really are people after him. Not only his brother, but a mean dude who is out to kill him.

This isn't so much about mystery as it is the dream of being larger than life. Justin wants to be (and effectively is) Sherlock Holmes, another man wants to be the Scarlett Pimpernel (I can't blame him, that dude is cool). No one is entirely satisfied with what their lives have become, so they imagine more and try to live out the fantasy. It's easy to get lost in your own world.

My real beef is that the issue with the antagonists (the brother and the weird guy who's out to kill him) is never concluded. Well, I suppose it was, in a sense, but it's more or less forgotten, ignored, what have you. I did like the ending, though, in a weird way.

If I'd been craving a Sherlock fix, this wouldn't have satisfied it, but it's okay; well done and humorous. I like a lot of the characters.

My grade: B


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