Quick Movie Review: Did You Hear About the Morgans?

It's bad comedy week, apparently. I didn't like this. What surprised me the most was the total lack of chemistry between Sarah Jessica Parker and Hugh Grant. I honestly believed they would make a good duo. I was so wrong!

Well, they play an estranged married couple. Hugh's character (I seriously forgot his name, sorry), cheated on Meryl (but I remember hers...odd), and she left him. He's been unsuccessfully trying to win her back for months, and on one such night after they've had dinner together, they witness a murder and are forced into the witness protection program. What follows is your typical city-folk-trapped-in-Hicksville scenario. Very unoriginal and unfunny. And SJP is annoying. Plus Hugh is his usual fuddy duddy self. I like him a lot in other movies, but he isn't a broad actor. He's, well, himself.

And how am I supposed to like this movie when I can't even root for the couple (who are obviously going to patch things up by the end)?

Long story short: stupid, unfunny, carbon copy comedy. I don't recommend it.

My grade: D+