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Quick Movie Review: Little Man

One of the worst movies I've seen in a long time, and this is coming from someone who kind of liked "White Chicks". This was such a nasty drag!

Marlon Wayans is a tiny criminal who steals a diamond and hides it in some woman's purse. So in order to get it back he pretends to be a baby. Of course it doesn't go well, and he ends up playing a baby for days, making sure to provide many unfunny, nausea-inducing gags.

I like goofy movies, and some raunchiness isn't a bad thing...usually. This is just awful, though. I should sacrificially murder this movie. Yes! Bonfire tonight, baby!

My grade: D

Book Review: A Certain Slant of Light by Laura Whitcomb

This is one of the last books I read recently. I had it on my shelf for awhile. I tend to not get overly excited about YA novels, but they're often quick, fluffy reads, which is what I needed to get me out of my reading rut. Reading rut=haven't finished a book in many a month. I get bored too easily. And distracted. Ever happen to you?

This is a romantic ghost story. Helen is "light", a ghost of sorts who haunts people until they die, and then moves onto another host. If she doesn't, she might get dragged down to her own personal hell. We're not told what she did in her human existence to deserve this fate, even she doesn't know, but she believes she must have done something quite horrible to offend God.

She's been haunting various humans for over a century, never seen or heard, although managing to have a small effect nonetheless. And then one day, while in a classroom with her host, a high school teacher, someone sees her. A student. Well, a ghost…

Movie Review: Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

There are two types of movies I like to see in the theatre: comedy and action. And do you know, this has both? Yay! I couldn't resist seeing the latest Mission Impossible. Not only is it action-packed, it's also humorous. And Simon Pegg is in it, which is never a bad thing. I also like watching Tom Cruise in movies. Like I said before, he's not my favorite person/actor, but gosh he is entertaining. And he makes a good action star. The dude knows how to do stunts.

I don't think I've actually seen all of the MI movies, but I know I saw at least one of them...just can't remember which one. Well, as far as I can tell, it doesn't matter if I'm up to date on the franchise. The movie was easy enough to follow, and I assume a few of the characters are new...or maybe I'm wrong.

We begin with Cruise's character, Ethan, being broken out of a Russian prison, an elaborate and kinda violent ordeal. No one is entirely sure how he ended up in there, and he doe…

Music: Youth Lagoon -17

Movie Review: Sherlock - Game of Shadows

I don't know about you, but I'm a Sherlock Holmes fan. I adore the Jeremy Brett series, and the newest series is another favorite. So it's always great when a new movie/TV adaptation comes out. I admit, though, this isn't my favorite Sherlock series. Robert Downey Jr.'s Sherlock isn't the definitive portrayal or characterization, but that doesn't matter.

As with the first one, this sequel is a lot of fun. I'm actually surprised that it didn't get better reviews. I went into the movie theatre thinking I'd have lukewarm feelings about it, but when I came out, I was pleasantly surprised! There's fun action here, a compelling story, humor, some drama (but never too much), new characters, old characters, chemistry between the actors, and, of course, Moriarty.

It begins shortly after the end of the last movie. Watson is still getting married, and may I say I very much like his choice of wife? Well, I do. And Sherlock is on Moriarty's back, …

Quick Movie Review: Donnie Darko

I'm catching up on my Must See list at a crawling pace, but I am getting there! I picked up Donnie Darko a couple of weeks ago. I'd heard that I'd either love it or hate it. It's cult favorite, so that's normal.

Turns out I quite liked it. Mind you, I didn't wholly understand it. It would require another watch or two (or more, knowing me) to completely comprehend it, but that didn't stop me from enjoying it.

I liked Jake Gyllenhaal in this. I'm not that familiar with his acting; I can't even recall what I've seen him in, which leads me to believe that this is the first movie I've seen him in. Well, it's a good start. He was rather great in this, and I really bought the whole mentally-ill-teenager-who-talks-to-a-demonic-rabbit scenario. I loved that his sister, Maggie, was in this as....his sister. I've liked her ever since I saw "Secretary". The rest of the cast is good as well.

I wish the demonic rabbit had been in this…

Movie Review: Youth in Revolt

A mildly charming Michael Cera comedy. I like him in some movies, and not so much in others. He was decent in this, mostly because he has an alter ego, Francois, who should have been in it more.

Basic plot: Nick Twisp falls in love with some girl while his family (his mom and his mom's latest boyfriend) are staying in some trailer thingy located...somewhere. She has a boyfriend, of course, and Nick desperately wants to win her over + lose his virginity. He creates a fake alter ego, a French sociopath named Francois, to help him, and they do some crazy stuff along the way.

There is a good cast here, although I didn't care for the girl who played Nick's love interest, although that has more to do with the character than the actress. She was bland and self-involved, a typical romantic interest in a "coming of age" film. That's how she was supposed to be played, sure, and since Nick is simply a horny teenager, I get the feeling he would have "fallen in lov…