Book Review: A Certain Slant of Light by Laura Whitcomb

This is one of the last books I read recently. I had it on my shelf for awhile. I tend to not get overly excited about YA novels, but they're often quick, fluffy reads, which is what I needed to get me out of my reading rut. Reading rut=haven't finished a book in many a month. I get bored too easily. And distracted. Ever happen to you?

This is a romantic ghost story. Helen is "light", a ghost of sorts who haunts people until they die, and then moves onto another host. If she doesn't, she might get dragged down to her own personal hell. We're not told what she did in her human existence to deserve this fate, even she doesn't know, but she believes she must have done something quite horrible to offend God.

She's been haunting various humans for over a century, never seen or heard, although managing to have a small effect nonetheless. And then one day, while in a classroom with her host, a high school teacher, someone sees her. A student. Well, a ghost in a living person's body, I should say. His name is James.

Naturally they become obsessed/reliant on each other. He's like her, after all, only he managed to take over someone else's body. So now he can touch, eat, and do wonderful things like go to the bathroom and get beat up. Cheers! He convinces her to do the same thing; find someone who is alive, but whose spirit has left their body for some reason or other, and inhabit them. This way they can be together. Oh, love!

So there's a strong romantic aspect, as well as drama. They have to deal with their human families and act as normal as possible. Not easy. There's also the whole God thing, which can't be helped. I mean when you have a story about ghosts and the afterlife (of sorts), God has to be a factor, right? It didn't bother me, really, even though I'm not religious.

Helen annoyed me at times. She lacked common sense at time, but for the most part I can't complain. The ending also seemed a bit rushed, and you could say it was a little too perfect. But hey, it was a happy ending, and I like those. It could have been written better, though.

It was an enjoyable, quick read. There is some sex in here, so kiddies shouldn't read it.

My grade: B+