Downton Abbey, Season 2: Episode 3


Damn you, Branson! Why must you be so unlikable now?!

I mean did you see how controlling he was being with Sybil? Telling her not only how she feels about him (psh), but that she should give up her family and career to be with him? Jerk! Personally, I'm not seeing that Sybil is in love with him, although I assume they'll end up together anyway. But dang, I am not liking him. I don't like men who try to control other people like that, especially nice women like Sybil.

Ethel ended up doing something entirely unsurprising, but it was meant to be a real cliffhanger/shock. Give me a break. I saw that coming in the first episode. It's somewhat hard to care about Ethel. Sometimes she cries and seems human, but usually she's just self-important and arrogant, and she ends up feeling sorry for herself.

There isn't a whole lot to reveal in this episode. There's some "drama" with Matthew and William being MIA, and Bates comes back, which sets him up for O'Brien's revenge...whatever that will be. Of course there's Ethel issues, as well as Sybil's. It was nothing extraordinary, though, although I enjoyed the bit when Mary was singing with all of the soldiers.

And I still can't stand Cora. I can't help it. Everything about her irks me, including her voice.

My grade: B