Downton Abbey: Season 2- Episode 4


Well that was depressing. Poor William. I knew they were going to kill someone off, and I wasn't surprised that it was him, but still. My mom was getting a bit annoyed with him when he kept asking Daisy to marry him, because it was wrong of him to put her in that position. But then he explained that she'd get benefits, being the widow of a soldier, and mom forgave him. Hehe. Poor William, even when he's dying he's nice and thinking of others.

Matthew suffered a spinal injury and can no longer walk or get it up which = no sexy time or kids. That makes him a rather useless heir. But we'll see just how long this paralysis lasts, shall we? And I wonder if Lavinia is coming back now that Matthew told her to get lost. I was quite surprised by how upset she was when he dropped her. I didn't think she loved him that much. In fact, he seemed to care for her quite a bit, too. I'm still not entirely convinced by either, but I suppose they really do love each other to some degree.

It looks like Mary is going to be temporarily engaged to whathisname. Richard Carlyle? Is that his name? I'm too lazy to double check. I'll be surprised if they actually get married. I like how he helped her and Bates out, though, even if he was being a prick while doing it. Of course Bates is still in danger from his vindictive wife, but at least the family is safe. I'm very impressed with Mary's behavior lately, too. She's much improved since the first season.

And I wish something interesting would happen with Thomas! His story line was so promising in the first episode, but since then almost nothing has occurred with him. He's even...redeeming himself. Ugh. And O'Brien isn't as nasty as she used to be. She did something naughty, then regretted it, then...silence. Personally, I want to know if and what she's planning, and what she's thinking. As it is, she's becoming a bit more human. The stories for these two characters are very disappointing, though. I feel the writers could have gone in a more interesting direction. Instead, they've mostly been forgotten.

Oh, there was one small miracle in this episode: Cora was only in it for about five seconds. YES! I'm enjoying it while it lasts. She's coming back next episode.

The chauffeur is also still an issue with me. Is anyone else completely disenchanted with him? I know Sybil will likely end up with him, and this disappoints me.

Episode grade: B