Downton Abbey: Season 2- Episode 6


This really is a ridiculous season. I have to say it. I know it's a "soap", but jeez. Granted, there are interesting characters and dilemmas, but they're not put to the best use.

Alright, so there's one episode left of season 2, so a lot happened in this almost 2-hour episode.

The Spanish Flu hit Downton, placing Cora, Carson, and Lavinia in peril. For awhile there it appeared that Cora was going to kick the bucket, but alas, she made it through. Carson never seemed to be in much danger, and Lavinia had a deceptive recovery that later turned into her death.

Sybil decided to run away with Branson, but she didn't get far before her sisters found them. Determined to have her way, she refused let Branson go. Therefore she's going to live in Dublin (woot!), where Branson has a job as a journalist. And of course they'll marry. Lord Grantham is ticked off, pretty much saying he's going to disown her if she goes, and that she'll have no money. Funnily enough, it's Cora who's in the right this time. She doesn't say a whole lot, but she isn't as against it as her hubby.

I've been disappointed with Branson this season, but I do think he and Sybil should be together, although I wouldn't have cared much if she didn't love him and turned him away. Yes, you can see how much I have invested in this couple.

Matthew found out that Mary still loves him, and I suppose he still loves her too since he basically said he'd rather marry her than Lavinia...which Lavinia overheard. She also saw them kiss. Nice, right? She's too kind, though. Rather than get angry, she simply broke it off with Matthew and told him how right he and Mary were together. He refused to let her go, however, feeling obligated to marry her since she was there for him. Matthew sucks. He can be so annoying! Anyway, then she died, which felt like a cop-out to me. My mother doesn't agree, she thinks it makes everything more complicated, not easier. Still, he won't marry Mary, not that she expected him to. Her wedding is still on! They better make the finale good.

"Maybe they'll kill Sir Richard," my mom said. Well, if they do, that will be a real cop-out! Is it wrong that I like Sir Richard? At first I thought he was going to be a villain, but, you know, he's not an altogether bad character. If they do kill him, which I don't think they will, that'll be one of the most ridiculous events of the season. You can't create all that build-up, that drama, and then pave an easy path for the hero and heroine without them having to make any sacrifice. Kill off their fiances is just way, way too easy.

Meanwhile, Bates and Anna got married, then he was arrested for murdering his first wife, which she set him up for.

Lord Grantham and that maid got all smoochy. Now this is a stupid storyline. All of their "chance" meetings were so contrived. You could predict when the maid would enter the room, and he would just happen to be all alone. Ugh. They were also very informal with each other, almost as if he wasn't the Lord of the house. Anyway, she ended up leaving his employment, so yay for that.

Okay, one episode to go. Now make it worth my time, writers!

My grade: B