Movie Review: The Woman In Black

You know me and my scary movies. I had to see this, plus Daniel Radcliffe stars in it, and I was curious to see how he fared outside of Harry Potter. I hate to say it, but I'm not overly impressed with him. I never have been. I do like him, though, and he wasn't terrible as Arthur Kipps, he was just...average. He has yet to master acting, and maybe he never will. For now he's an "okay" actor, but a likable okay actor. The likable part is important.

Basic plot: A young lawyer comes to some depressing town and makes the mistake of seeing "the woman in black", a right biatch who preys on children. Thus many children die in rather horrible ways. Unfortunately, Arthur's son and nanny are due to arrive there later in the week. Nooo, not the son! Arthur is a widower, by the way, as we see in flashbacks.

It's creepy enough. The setting seems thorough and authentic, which makes for a good backdrop to a horror film. The scares weren't as good as I was hoping, however. It makes you jump, but it's not original or memorable. My main problem was that is was repetitive. Repeatedly, Arthur would hear strange noises in the old, abandoned, very cluttered house, so he'd go and take a look around, hear more strange noises, and see strange things. I felt like that was half of the movie.

CiarĂ¡n Hinds was good, as usual. He was the only person on Arthur's side in an otherwise hateful town. I can understand why, though. When some crazy ho in black is killing your kids, you get hostile.

For the record, my mom liked this more than I did. She was also creeped out more. She's so easily startled, bwhahahaha. I especially loved it towards the end when she kept calling the woman in black a b**ch. Effing hilarious.

And the ending, wtf?

My Grade: B

My Mom's Grade: B+