Short Movie Reviews: Featuring good actors in crappy movies

Last Day Of Summer: It's not a bad plot; a young man who was mistreated at work, and in life, it seems, plans to shoot-out his former place of employment. He buys the gun, walks into the dumpy diner, fantasizes about shooting everyone dead, and is close to actually doing it. Then he sees a purdy young woman, Nikki Reed, whom I like in this, and they exchange "a look", and thus his plans completely change. He follows her out of the diner, asks her out, and...gets rejected. Already in a messed up state of mind, he kidnaps her.

There's too much toilet humor, for one, and it isn't really funny when it tries to be. I suppose my main problem is that it fails to be truly gripping, despite the good plot. It has some worthy moments, however, and you can always watch it simply for the core issue. Maybe if some bullies watched this, they'd think twice about being such a-holes...yeah, they'd probably still be a-holes.

My grade: C+

Watching the Detectives: Pretty crappy. Lucy Liu plays an annoying, perky woman who likes pranking her new boyfriend, because it makes life more exciting, like in the movies. The story isn't engaging or relevant, the characters are a bit annoying, and despite a good cast, it just doesn't gel. And Cillian Murphy is so much more captivating when he's a bad guy!

My grade: C


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