Movies I'm Looking Forward To This Year

This is a good year for movies, at least if the sneak peek we've gotten is any indication. Here's to hoping they don't disappoint!

Here's a short list of movies I'm looking forward to. I probably won't get to see them all in theaters. Boo! I need to get rich, I know. I'm working on it! Feel free to let me know what movies you're anticipating in 2012.

In order of release dates:

Cabin in the Woods: April 13th I can't wait! 

I agree.

The Avengers: May 4th This better be good, am I right?

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel: May 4th The Best reason to see this is the cast, I believe. I just can't resist these amazing actors and actresses. Of course it looks funny and charming, as well. I think it'll be good.

The Dictator: May 11th Alright, so far I haven't been overly fond of Sacha Baron Cohen's previous film's. I'm crossing my fingers that this will be his best yet.

Men In Black III: May 25th Please be good, please be good.

Apartment 143: June 1st This is in limited release *sad face*. But I'll catch it at some point. I like my scary movies.

Prometheus: June 8th Great cast, and...aliens! Must see.

The Amazing Spider-Man: July 3rd I'm not the biggest Spider-man fan. Batman is more my thing, but this doesn't look bad. Not 100% sold on Andrew Garfield yet.

This picture...that is all.

The Dark Knight Rises: July 20th This is going to rock.

The Bourne Legacy: August 3rd The Matt Damon films were good. I won't be surprised if this matches it, but I'm cautious.

The Hobbit: December 14th If this stinks, I might cry. I just might...