Movie Review: The Avengers

I can see why this blew up the box office this past weekend. Dang. I love a good action movie, and when you have a handful of superheroes thrown into the mix, well, the result is this. Now think about it: this could have been a giant pile of horse manure, but the filmmakers managed to spin this into a great superhero movie that you won't soon forget.

It's cool that this came out only a year after "Thor" and "Captain America", so these two characters, at least, are fresh in the audience's minds, and it might even give people that final push to see this. You may remember that I liked "Thor" for the most part, and I was disappointed with "Captain", although it wasn't a complete dud.

Loki is the antagonist, like he was in "Thor", only he's more villainous this time around, and his hair is even more fugtastic this year. *Sigh* This makes me happy. I love me some Tom Hiddleston.

"Avengers" boasts great action sequences and surprising humor, as well as a great cast. My mom asked me which character was my favorite, and it was hard to answer. There wasn't anyone I disliked, which is something. Captain America was better in this than he was in his own movie, and while Thor is decent, he's never been a favorite of mine. Hulk was surprising. I'd already heard that he was a scene stealer, but it took him awhile to acquire those moments. But damn, he really brought big laughs. However, I think if I was forced to choose, I'd pick Iron Man. Tony Stark just has something. I don't really consider Black Widow and Hawkeye to be superheroes in the traditional sense. They're assassins, but they make good additions to the team. I felt it was well cast all around, too.

Bottom line: see it. And expect a sequel.

My grade: A