Sherlock: A Scandal in Belgravia

*Big smiley face* Sherlock is back! Woot! I'm happy now that mystery season is back in full swing. For Sherlock, they've lined up some of his most famous cases. I'm always interested in how they spin these tales and make them their own in modern times.

This takes place immediately after last season's finale. Irene Adler puts her stamp on the series, matching wits with Sherlock and almost beating the detective at his own game, but she's never quite as clever as he is, and she's not abnormal enough to outdo him, if you know what I mean.

I remember the version of this episode in the Jeremy Brett series. It was one of my brother's least favorite episodes because it posed the question/possibility, what have you, of Sherlock falling in love. That simply isn't Sherlock, hence why the idea is unpleasant to swallow. They do the same thing here, naturally. But Sherlock really isn't the type to fall in love, and I'm not saying this because he's asexual. Asexuals fall in love, too, but Sherlock has never seemed capable of that, and if he ever was, it would be so wrong to me. No, I think he was always attached to Irene Adler on an intellectual level. How often does he meet someone (and of the opposite sex) who can challenge him on that level?

On a casting note, the actress playing Irene was perfect. Actually, everyone in this is perfectly cast, right? That's the feeling I've gotten, anyway. And I can't wait for more Moriarty. The actor playing him is superb in the part, and he's not done yet. ;)

All right, so I have to say that this was a great episode. I'm certainly not disappointed, although I didn't like the ending. I'm talking the last 10, 15 seconds. It was such a cop-out and made zero sense to me. If anyone else felt the same way, please tell me.

My grade: B+


  1. Superb post about 'A Scandal in Belgravia'.

    I have voiced similar thoughts in my review .



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