Movie Review: Glee: The 3D Concert Movie

I should start off by telling you that I've never seen Glee, the show. I know, it's been on for years and it's da bomb, but, you know, I don't watch much TV. So there was really no logical reason for me to watch the movie. Sorry, "concert movie". Why not just call it Glee: Live in Concert? Anyway, I know very little about it in general, aside from being somewhat familiar with some of the actors.

So here's what I was thinking while watching this singfest:

1. These people can sing. Yay.

2. Heather Morris is rather awesome.

3. She was also lip-syncing during her performance of "Slave 4 U". I suppose you can brush it aside and say
it was the perfect ode to Britney Spears and her infamous lip-synciness.

4. But I'm also sure some of the other performances were mimed. Which I don't like.

5. There was definitely not enough attention put on the actors/characters. Unless I was watching some shortened version, but nah. I don't remember Dianna Agron speaking a word, for example. She sang, sure, but she was a blip on the radar. Why couldn't they have an interview with every member individually? Do they hate certain actors? Am I missing something? There was way more attention put on the fans, which was fine, but they should have given the actual Glee cast more screen time.

6. What, no gym teacher? She is a gym teacher, right?

7. I'm still not interested in watching the show.

8. Naya Rivera is hot.

9. This is quite a forgettable concert.

10. If only I were a Gleek...

So, this isn't bad. I tend to enjoy concerts, but they're not usually very captivating, and this is no exception. I think fans will like it  more than anyone, but they might be disappointed like I was.

My grade: B