Documentary Review: Talhotblond

Oh, the joys of becoming obsessed with someone online, someone you have never met and probably never will.

This is the creepy true story of three people who communicate online and have never met, but who start a bitter love triangle that leads to one of their murders. First we have "Marinesniper" Thomas Montgomery, a 46 year-old married man with two young daughters and a boring job. He lives in New York. Then we have "talhotblond" Jessi, the hot 18 year-old graduate in West Virginia who he becomes obsessed with. And lastly, we have "Beefcake" Bobby, a much younger co-worker of Thomas'.

Thomas meets Jessi online, and their online friendship quickly turns romantic/sexual. Unfortunately for Jessi, Thomas isn't who he says he is. In fact, he's pretending to be "Tommy" a young marine who goes off to fight in Iraq. After Jessi finds out that she's been talking and cybersexing with a much older married man, she retaliates by getting involved with his co-worker, Bobby. And then things really start to go bad. There's a big twist in this that perhaps I should have seen coming, but I failed to, and it really shocked me. Hopefully you'll be shocked, too!

I think this movie is a good reminder to beware of strangers online, and, as the clever man says at the end, be kind, don't lie. Which is surprisingly hard for most people to do.

My grade: B+